Kusum.S.Bohat – A Young Indian Entrepreneur

Meet Kusum.S.Bohat, Enterpreneur and Mentor,
Hariyana-born and currently living in Mumbai, she is a student of BA in her last year of college. One day she got to know about IX Global and she started learned about it.

In an enthusiastic manner, she started on her journey because she realized that this was a way to LEARN AND EARN. She gave first priority to her education, which led her to this path where she could be independent.

At that time, she had zero confidence. Therefore, she decided to answer at least yes to every question her leaders asked her. She participated in an event for freshers where the picture of IX Global was quite clear.

On the 9th of January, after many events, there was a big event. There were more than 100 people and for the first time she held a microphone. That was an amazing accomplishment for her.

Within her 90 days, she achieved her first goal which was of level vip 1000 and her payment was over 1 lakh. And she was more satisfied when she saw that not only she, but also her team members were earning well. From last 5 months she associated with IX Global.

She guided more than 70 people till now. And for her the happy moment was when she gifted herself a i phone 12pro #selfearned . And after few days she gifted a phone to her father and my aunt.

Now she is really enjoying the process and loving to help others to grow financially.

Kusum feel this is the right career opportunity for her. “The most important thing is that I want to be the shoulder my father can lean on and take over all of the responsibilities by myself so that my parents can live a stress-free and relaxed life.”

In particular, she thanks her father for believing in her and supporting her in every aspect of her business.
“Never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about.”


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