Kunal Ravindra Chavan

A simple but enthusiastic mind, Kunal Ravindra Chavan lives and works in Pune City. He is the CEO of YUVA ASMITA FOUNDATION, a well-known NPO. In addition to being a social worker, he also runs businesses in Pune and elsewhere in Maharashtra.

Kunal Ravindra Chavan was born in Otur, Maharashtra on 1 November 1999. He was raised in Pune, but currently resides in Mahad, Konkan.

Having grown up in a middle class family. He lived in a rented house for most of his childhood. Eventually, his father had to overcome a lot of hardship before they could move to Mahad, Konkan. Kunal Ravindra Chavan did his matriculation from Pune City.

He did his intermediate from Ambedkar College in Mahad. He is currently pursuing a MCom from Pune. As a child, Kunal was always passionate about serving others, but he wasn’t able to do so due to a lack of support and knowledge.
The family initially did not support Kunal’s decision, as they wanted him to complete his studies first.

However, Kunal has made up his mind to work no matter what. Thus began one of the most successful NPOs of South India – YUVA ASMITA FOUNDATION.

In a world of greed and selfishness, it is rare to find people who serve selflessly to help those in need. NGOs (Nongovernment Organizations) are an example of such people. Kunal Ravindra Chavan initiated Yuva Asmita back in the year 2018 in Pune, Maharashtra, individually. Eventually, his friends, loved ones, and locals joined him. Under this NPO, about 1000+ people are giving selfless help to the needy. Their social media handle spreads their network as well.

Asked about his future plans, he replied that he had a lot of ideas and initiatives he is keeping in the back of his mind. If there is support for them, he will definitely work on them. Right now, he is focusing on Yuva Asmita Foundation & Business
@kunal.chavan77 @yuva_asmita_foundation

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