Kritika Sabharwal Founder Of The Smart Wrap

In the Era of presenting yourself in the best possible way, I Kritika Sabharwal, entered into the world of gifts presentation & packaging in 2013 & embarked my brand*The Smart Wrap*. Then back in 2016, the idea of doing a small gift wrapping workshop from home was a considerable breakthrough & turned me into a Teacherprenuer. Now I design my own Course/Workshops and help my students to start their gift packaging start-up from home…

In a past few years, I have Conducted around 200+ offline workshops, 18+ professional course batches, 160 online workshops, successfully running online professional course Batches & spanning over 1300 students

I’m Continuously trying to make gift wrapping & gifts packing a field of academics.. not just practical crafting but I have introduced theories like colour combination, design practicality & business skills in the course.. which helps in shaping students to an entrepreneur

I intend to encourage the students to imagine and innovate their sense of creation. My main mission is to share the best possible gift wrapping techniques and constantly upgrade with the latest trends in the market.

Please take out a moment to check my Instagram profile @_the_smart_wrap_

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