Khyathi Dave – A Young Indian Entrepreneur

Meet Khyathi Dave a young Indian entrepreneurs founder and CEO of @blissful_bites__

Her business began 3 and a half years ago, when she was in her second year of college. She always had a sweet tooth and was eager to start her own business.

Having been introduced to baking at the age of 13, she enjoyed cooking shows and experimenting with different dishes. It was for this reason that she decided to start a business in the field. Initially, she made cake pops and slowly added cake jars, cakes, energy bars, brownies, cookies, etc.

She participated in many exhibitions and saw that people were really enjoying her desserts whole-heartedly, which gave her an instant boost to do more. She is a self-taught baker, and baking is a therapy session for her. She aspires to become a pastry chef one day.

It would not have been possible for her to become what she is without her parents! They motivated her and stood as a backbone for all her endeavors and her brother Darsh who helps her throughout with all her packaging. She was encouraged to pursue her dream by her family members, who never failed to encourage her.

Her friends are her cheerleaders and the best critics who guide her to do what’s best for her. She is thankful for all the people who have helped her become who she is today.

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