Alpha Coach is a one-of-a-kind technology and data-driven online personal training program.

It is the culmination of founder Ketan Mavinkurve’s own struggles with getting and staying fit, whilst managing a busy work, family and social life. Ketan, a fitness enthusiast, in an effort to embark on his personal body transformation journey a few years ago, struggled to find a program worth his while – having tried several programs, many of which were simply “replicated / copied” programs while others were “one-size-fits-all” / “cookie cutter” programs that failed to take in his personal fitness levels, body structure, food choices, work routine, and habitsinto consideration.

He got down to researching the lifestyles of hundreds of celebrities, professional models and athletes to understand why and how they got the perfect body. He also researched their habits and routines to deep dive into how they lived a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. This entire study led him to eventually undergo a life-changing transformation that transcended the physical into various other spheres as well.

After his own transformation, and wanting to be able to impact the lives of countless others, he went on to create Alpha Coach, a completely tailored one-to-one online training platform. The Alpha Coach program is focused on helping busy professionals(much like him) that struggle to get into the shape of their lives, and staying there, through a holistic approach of exercise and nutrition.

Ketan teamed up with Vishnu Venugopal, an engineer, and a fitness mentor with over 10 years of experience in this field – he has been the architect behind over 1,000 trainees getting fit and living a healthy lifestyle. He specializes in working with busy professionals who want to get in shape and build sustainable healthy habits.Vishnu is the Co-Founder and Product Head at Alpha Coach, and brings with him knowledge and a keen mind towards systems, processes, and technology.

Alpha Coach relies on cutting-edge data science and AI-powered technology that has been developed in-house to gain deep insights into the progress of its clients. The analyses also help coaches tweak their clients’ individual programs and helps take the guesswork out of the equation, and achieve superior client results, whilst allowing them to live more balanced lifestyles.

Further, more details of Ketan (Founder & CEO) and Vishnu (Co-Founder & Product Head) can be found on

Funding, Revenue & Profitability

  • We have not yet been funded – we have bootstrapped the business with an investment of Rs 50 lakhs (until now)
  • We have just begun making sales & revenues – but it is still at start-up stages – the revenue for next financial year (first full year) is expected to be Rs 75 lakhs
  • We see the business growing into creating more Impact in various fields including corporate fitness coaching, automated coaching, educating more coaches, fitness for kids, and many more!
  • The founders have a vision of transforming the lives of millions, both in India and abroad.

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