After attending their close friend’s wedding, On a drive back from Chandigarh in 2014, Kaveri & Akshay started wondering about the things they would’ve done differently at the wedding, so all the family and friends would not have to stress about anything and only remember the big day by celebrating and cherishing the moments with their loved ones.

And with that thought going strong in their minds, they both decided to quit their jobs in the Hospitality Industry and start what we now know as Designer Events Inc.! A boutique luxury Wedding Planning and Decor design firm in Delhi, with a vision to live for the moments they can’t put into words. In a world of big fat Indian weddings, they still focus on the smaller numbers to personalise every detail of the wedding. They do not plan weddings for more than 400 people. Their vision is to plan boutique luxury, intimate, unique and understated weddings that truly reflect the family’s’ personality and style. They work to create a bespoke authentic experience and the happiest celebrations. With their love for life, passion for weddings, creative stride, boundless energy, devotion to their work and commitment to their couples they design your celebrations full of style and character. Every wedding is a story to tell and they work tirelessly to plan it just the way you have dreamt of it. Inspired by you, their wedding planning style is infused with personal touches, a lot of detailing and a big no to over the top shenanigans. They weave in your very own personality to create something that feels just like love. As Luxury Wedding Planners & Designers they weave in your own character and personality to create an atmosphere that feels just like home.

Having planned and designed more than 100 weddings in the last 7 years, they’ve realized over time, it is not only the couple and their families, but each and every guest at the wedding who needs to feel special and take back a heart full of memories. Kaveri & Akshay work tirelessly to plan a day which will be remembered for generations to come. Together they’re a force to be reckoned with & like something they always believe in – “If you do something with Love and heart, it is bound to resonate with everyone!” because they understand that “The secret Ingredient is always Love.” A big no to the word “NO” keeps them going endlessly and making the impossible possible.

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