✴️Hello People! I’m Bhagya from Hyderabad. Btech Graduate and now an MBA student being the founder of Aurae Organics.
I was like ever other girl thinking about how to break the barriers and explore the world like a happy soul.

🔺I worked for HR firm for business development module and was very much contempt with the Job and life.

🔺However things kept running on mind regarding chemicals being used and organic ingredients being neglected in our daily skincare routine.

🔺With the thought of nature works best at every course decided to start skin, body and hair care products with zero harmful chemicals like parabens, sulphates, chlorides etc. Worked on this concept for 3 years by various trials and started rectifying errors. Started spending more time with flowers, plants and various roots to understand their properties and their greatness.

🔺Just astonished with the power of nature decided to bring their magic back to use into individuals lives.
And that is how @aurae_organics took its baby steps and is now still growing.

🔺And also she is owing an NGO @silverlinengo and serving needy during normal days as well as during covid times.

🔺My always goal was to give employment to the people out their who are capable enough with skills and yet working in jobs lower to their IQ and talent.

🔺I request everyone to believe in nature and its power to heal which make things from worst to best. All you need is to BELIEVE and Stay Dedicated.

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