Jiya M – A young Indian Entrepreneur

About the book:

Raven Redwood And The Six Wonders is a fantasy fiction book about a girl called Raven Redwood. She discovers that she is, in fact, not at all an ordinary person, because she is part of a completely different world where magical powers and the impossible exist. She is chosen to defeat The Threat, a huge danger to her world. Will her adventure to defeat The Threat succeed?

Motivation behind writing the book:

What inspired me to write this book was my love for superheroes, superpowers, magic and such. My favourite genre was always fantasy fiction, mixed with a little mystery and adventure. And so I thought I’d create something of my own in those areas. 

Challenges faced when writing the book:

I kept doubting myself when writing. It’s hard to put your imagination into words. At one point, I almost gave up, deciding that I couldn’t do it anymore. But my passion for writing made me keep going- and it was all worth it in the end. 

Message for the youth and aspiring authors:

My only message for young people like me is, no matter what happens, keep trying harder and harder. This is only my first step to achieving my dreams, and if I can do it, so can you. Don’t ever give up.


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