Jintu Barman – A Young Indian Entrepreneur

our journey should be a mixture of two things:

Observation and seizing your chance. You have to be aware of all that’s happening around you and never disregard something as pure hazard. Listen to and observe all that happens until you receive the sign you need to continue your journey. As soon as you receive that information, seize if and continue your way.

Introducing Mr JINTU BARMAN, who loves to travel and is a very hardworking and knowledgeable person. He hails from New Bongaigaon, ASSAM. He belongs to a very decent and moral family background. So growing up in school time. He also thinks about becoming a business person. He understood one basic thing from his school time that a job can not fulfill his dreams and ambitions. So it was very clear in his mind to do business but at that time he was not so aware. He doesn’t know what to do after school. Then he thought of starting his business with his friend. But he thought that this is not right. If he wants to achieve his dreams then he has to do it all alone.

Then he started some small businesses with little investment to gain the experience of the market and learn how things function.

Apart from all this he also runs a digital marketing business in which he is doing well. He started around 2 months ago with a little investment and today he earned a Five figure income from this business. He earned nearly 1 lakh rupees from this business and inspired many youngsters to earn.

He helps people to earn money and become financially free. Currently he is mentoring more than 37 people at the age of 17 to achieve their dreams. His knowledge and experience of this business helps youngsters a lot to start their own business.

A special message he wants to convey is that :-

The road may be long, tortuous and wearied. But the resulting success is enduring, sure and sweet. The fool abandons hope in the wearied journey of life.

Your life will get better when you realize it’s better to be alone than to chase people who don’t really care about you.
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