“The Show must go on” for all my entrepreneurial journey, I have found these words very powerful. I had never stopped whatever obstacles the situation offered. Rain, fever, distance, conveyance, skipped meals, were all subject to “jo hoga dekha jayega”

I started my entrepreneurial journey around 5 years ago. A simple idea of a digital menu ordering system (now trending as “contactless dining”) opened my gates into the FnB industry.Unaware of the challenges in the industry, an unsaid force held me to the ecosystem.

2 years into the startup, I realised there’s a lot of depth and gaps in the industry that need to be understood before they could be automated. That’s when I knew I wanted to open an outlet of my own to understand the grounds of the business.

Hustling with career and situations and of course COVID, I finally had the chance to plan an outlet this March. Even though the excitement was on top, there was a fear of things goind wrong, that I thought was natural. What happened was completely unexpected that could turn the course of events. About a week before the launch was planned, while playing badminton, I hit the racquet on my face that broke my specs and a piece of glass tore my cornea from the center. Amidst the stress, anxiety and major claustrophobia, I got operated and discharged the next day. Keeping the details out of context, when the anxiety settled about a week later, we planned to postpone the launch for another week still unsure if my father could handle the preparations alone. With little help and support I could offer, we stuck on the same punjabi attitude “jo hoga dekha jayega” and peddled the throttle of preparations with full force. Lying on the bed each day while my father made daily progress was mentally traumatic for 2 reasons:

One, as a punjabi guy, you always want to support your father in the family business and two, I had planned opening an outlet for about 4 years and when we actually were about to, I could just listen to updates and agendas for the further steps. Even then, with little work I could do, a friend and my brother in law helped the most and made it possible to actually launch on the day we planned later.

Finally, on the day of the launch, filled with mixed emotions, there was a moment just before the launch when I stood in front of the BIR’s Food Factory board and recollected memories from the last 5 years. Driving 100kms a day, riding a 2wheeler in chilly winters, in rain, spending hours without a meal. All the hustle felt paid off just by looking at the board.

The journey now made more sense, the learning over the past 5 years gave me confidence to move forward even after a critical injury. The line “the show must go on” still gives me confidence to sit there even with a patch on one eye.To all the entrepreneurs out there who’re struggling with obstacles, it will be fine, it will all make sense one day.

Just keep moving forward. Sometimes it may feel dark and hopeless. But one day the board will light up and youI’ll feel the same emotion i did while standing in front of BIRs.

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