🔺A youthful and propitious✨ man John Giftah is a young Indian icon and visionary.
He is an inspirational voice to multitudes across the globe through LIVE sessions, events, TV, YouTube, Podcasts and more.
He loves public speaking and has had the opportunity to speak at several talk shows, podcasts and events.

🔺Professionally an Aerospace engineer, he is also an ordained Evangelist, a certified Life Coach, a bestselling Author and Inspirational speaker who founded the 🔸JOHN GIFTAH INTERNATIONAL🔸 to help people reign in life by motivating, counselling, teaching and guiding them.

🔺In spite of struggling through identity crisis, he ended up writing his first book WHO AM I? on identity in 2017 and released his second book, 🔸UNVEIL YOUR PURPOSE🔸 in 2020 which became a *#1 Newly Released Bestseller on Amazon*.

🔺Even though he was overlooked and ridiculed for being shy as a kid and was scared to talk to anyone, he has broken through his personality traits to even speak in front of thousands of people in several occasions without any hurdle.

🔺Though the journey has not been easy and had its share of highs and lows, opportunities to be discouraged, disappointed and to give up owing to the opposition and minimum or lack of support, the joy of living your dream and walking in your GOD given purpose is unspeakable!

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🔺You can check out his content on YouTube, Spotify, Instagram and buy his books on Amazon.

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