“The key is not the will to win… everybody has that. It is the will to prepare to win that is important.”

Meet Imad Siddiqui Founder of India’s emerging electric vehicle supplier- Autorev, worked as a senior design engineer. At times, even coffee-time conversations can lead people to charge towards their dreams.

This is what happened with Imad, who realized he had just one less ingredient than what these large caliber product development companies may have had at their inception- A START LINE. Setting out to work in the bustling city of Pune, Imad saw the exponential level of modernization in the automotive industry- premium cars ravaging across the roads, bikes speeding through thick clouds of smoke, and people never turning back to think what they are probably doing to the vicinity. Imad firmly believes that universal issues are known to all, but acknowledged by only a few.

Imad’s acknowledgment of the mushrooming problem of automobile-borne air pollution led him to his start-up Idea. As he began to see India’s archetype of progress in the automobile industry, he realized that the country has the finest manpower and technical skill vis- à-vis the European nations like Germany and France. Besides, he realized that the zero carbon models of the Scandinavian countries were thriving, even when they did not have the level of technical know-how that existed in India.

His research found out that a few names like Hero, Odyssey, and XYZ already had plans of a mass electric mobility launch in India. In no time, Imad took Autorev, a 3-year-old startup, to the next level with best-in-class production facilities for development of Lithium Battery Packs in India, making it popular amongst leading OEM start-ups.

Imad has already bagged illustrious projects for designing electric vehicle for two EV startups in India, and is set to cater to their dexterous needs. Currently, the details of these projects are confidential but once the projects hit the road, they will be all power and range, and can change the layman’s narrative of an Electric Vehicle.


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