Husain Jetpurwala – Founder & Photographer At Husain’s Photography

Husain Jetpurwala
Founder and Photographer @husainsphotography

I am a computer engineer by profession and Photographer by passion, so when i started Husain’s Photography as a company in 2015 it was passion turning into profession.
How did I end up as a wedding photographer?

After attending so many family and friendly weddings i realised that indian photography was missing the sense of capturing real moments and only relied on reel moments and I being a very sensitive person thought i can try and get the real moments to not all but at the least some who Hires me to get their real stories captured.

So it has been successful 6 years and counting of delivering the real Wedding stories to the Couple.

After so many years of shooting weddings, we are only more convinced of the virtue of learning. And our philosophy is the importance of never stopping learning. Since we have had a wide range of experience and have learned countless things over the years, we have developed a process that ensures smooth operation from the time a client books us to the time we deliver, and makes it easy for everyone.

Considering that we are trusted and trusted by our clients, we feel obligated to leave no stone unturned on their wedding day so that the photography will be something they will be proud of for lifetime. Act now and not later.
@husainjetz @husainsphotography

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