himika Mahajan Founder & cEO of Creative Box

Himika Mahajan Founder of ” Creative Box”
Entreprenure | Self Taught Artist

She love to
“Paint with style
Paint with smile”

Himika is a self-taught artist who began her career as a simple housewife before becoming a professional artist.

She did not pursue any official art education after completing her management studies, but her love of colours sparked her interest in learning more about painting.

Himika made the decision three years ago to pursue her goal and eventually become a full-time artist. She had a lot of doubts, and it was a now or never situation for her. She took a few painting lessons, went to workshops, read a lot of art books, and painted virtually every day while doing housework and caring for her children.

Her enthusiasm, on the other hand, made it difficult for her to fall asleep.

She is a firm believer in Winston S. Churchill’s well-known remark.
“Success isn’t final; failure isn’t deadly; what matters is the fortitude to keep going.”

Himika has never looked back, and she has continued to go forward until she has found her style and defined her creative aspirations.
Himika’s artworks were initially displayed at an offline exhibition. Then, as a freelancer, She began her quest.

She completed several commissions and took part in both offline and online exhibitions.

Exhibitions at which Lisited has participated:
* “Carnival of Indian Art”
* “Tanu’s Exhibition” is a fictional character.
* “Art Gallery of Manikarnika”
Modern Wall Art for Home, Offices, and Hotel Decor is available at Creative Box. Customize the size and frame by ordering it as a paper or canvas print.

She specialises in large canvas wall art, modern abstract art, classic art, contemporary art, palette knife art, resin art, and figurative painting. We also sell internationally. Paintings on display for sale in galleries and exhibitions on various platforms.
She took part in national and international exhibitions both offline and online.

You’ll be able to communicate with her-
CreativeBoxbyHimika is the name of her Etsy shop.
Instagram : @creative.box
Facebook : @Himika artwork

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