Just4you Surprise Planners was founded by Himan Kulshrestha, a young entrepreneur from Delhi, India.

On March 26th 2016, Just4You was formally founded with the purpose of providing surprises that would leave a lasting impact on someone’s life. Just4You does more than plan surprises, it has instead created an impressive range of experiences and pranks to make moments special.

Their services include handmade products and personalised gifts. Whether it’s arranging dates or coordinating pre-wedding shoots, they have done it all. A company of their caliber functions with a strong ethos of creativity, friendliness, timely execution, and client satisfaction. The company offers a wide range of gift packages from which one can select and surprise their loved ones. A few packages are woven into the motif of the season or celebration.

1. Marriage proposals
2. Romantic candlelight dinners
3. Surprises for retirements.
4. Out of the box pranks
5. Weekend gateways &
6. Exuberant experiences

In just five years, Just4You has served more than 4,000 clients, come up with 500+ surprise ideas, and been given 4.9+ positive ratings and beloved reviews.

They are on the verge of expanding into other Indian cities including Jaipur, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Goa. Currently, Just4You is headquartered in Delhi and provides services throughout the country.

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