Harleen singh sahni

ANNUTRA | Jewellery’s Founder, ANNUTRA | Jewellery’s Founder, Harleen Singh Sahni, takes us behind the scenes.

She became interested in business since she realised there was more to life than the 9–5 grind. She felt driven to share her delight with others and made an attempt to give back to society and its people in some way as a result of this feeling of obligation. When COVID-19 was at its height, she first realised this.

The Annutra team’s goal with each new product is to raise the bar on quality and value. To ensure that each item is one-of-a-kind, the design process begins with the creation of the object itself. According to the Annutra team’s vision of “slow and sustainable fashion,” they aim to reduce waste and maximise resource efficiency. In order to keep costs down, they frequently produce only a handful of a design. Because they are in favour of the “Make in India” movement, they can reassure us that each item is made by hand by skilled craftsmen in the country. Like jewellery, Annutra is a way to enhance one’s exterior attractiveness by celebrating one’s inner beauty. It’s all about expressing thanks while spicing up your wardrobe.

Clients feel empowered when they provide positive comments or return to buy something they previously purchased. It provides them a sense of accomplishment and reassurance that they are on the right track.

Follow the entrepreneur’s lead and just do it. Do not doubt yourself; this is your opportunity to soar. There will never be a perfect moment. But go slowly to begin with. Six months from now, if you take two steps forward today, you’ll still be two steps ahead.

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