Gunatit Bhavesh Padhiyar

Gunatit Bhavesh Padhiyar is the Founder & CEO of “The Logical” – A Graphic Designing & Digital Marketing Company and “Kalaakar” – A Digital Marketing Website Making Company. He is a 19 year old Young Indian Entrepreneur from Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Gunatit Padhiyar was far ahead of most young men of his age in pursuing his dreams as opposed to socializing, hitting the gym, or planning the future. At the age of 17 years old, he established a graphic design and digital marketing company called ‘The Logical’ to take on the world. In late March of this year, a star shined brightly with conviction, perseverance, motivation, and foresight as this dynamic entrepreneur spread his wings to spread far and wide.

He has powerfully impacted sales of several top brands with his designs and marketing strategies with over 35 site brandings within the last 2 years. Conceptualizing, content writing, brochure formatting, market strategizing and printing are some of the expert services provided by the companies.
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