JASKARAN SINGH is a young Indian Icon and a Digital Entrepreneur, as a network marketing professional.

Nowadays network marketing is not that much easy as it looks. JASKARAN SINGH is doing something extraordinary. He is having a will to start something. Not like others those who are just waiting for long and getting 9-5 jobs. If you have started something that means you have an entrepreneur mindset which looks clear in JASKARAN SINGH.


As you know every boy is taught from a very young age that he has to take responsibility for the family when he is grown up, so the same was me. I was also taught that after the 12th I need to attain a good degree from a well-reputed college, and then go for a job, but being from a Punjabi family I always had a mindset of not to do a 9-5 job but getting to the own business.

And finally got something that was definitely for me after giving 12th-grade exams and waiting for the result I was using my Instagram and found something on stories, and that was the day for me to go on and work for my Dreams.

I found the business opportunity with almost no investment with a well-reputed brand since that day I am working for my dreams and side by side going to a well-reputed regular college. I am helping people to fulfill their dreams as well I would not say that right now I am living my dream life, but I am on the way towards A GREAT LIFESTYLE and to MAKE MY FAMILY PROUD OF ME.

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