India has witnessed a series of migration trends among the youth, be it for the purpose of pursuing education or career opportunities. The concept of a hostel or a paying guest is nothing new in India, accompanied by the idea of sub-standard facilities, uncooked food, shabby washrooms, etc. Hence, the inception of more organised players. For MuLive, the idea was cemented at the sight of residents consuming their meal from a milk canister in a dingy unkept room in a paying guest exhibiting the sorry state of the industry. The ‘managed housing’ segment encompasses coliving firms, student housing firms, hostels, short stay hotels. Along with this, the good old paying guests and private apartments act as another category. Hence, MuLive competes with all these segments in the market.
For its first and current venture, MuLive being West Delhi’s first coliving space rendered a first mover’s advantage and managed to create a buzz in this market of unorganised players.

MuLive’s inception was based on two main pillars- hassle-free luxury and community experience, and this is exactly what differentiates MuLive. The firm aims to provide that feeling of being in a place like home with comfortable rooms, home cooked meals, efficient services along with a community to interact with. Basic services like such were found missing in the market and hence, MuLive stepped in to fill this gap in whatever little way it could. The promise and efficient delivery of these services has led to attraction and retention of residents for MuLive. Having been established during Covid and not being operational for the initial 4 months we’ve now managed to achieve an occupancy rate of 90% in such testing times with no substantial marketing speaks for itself and for MuLive’s philosophy.

MuLive is now on an expansion phase and exploring the several avenues presented in front of it.


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