Initial life story

2 January 2012, when it all started. I got access to the internet for the first time and as from theinitial days I always wanted to go deep into things. So I was randomly watching videos onyoutube and a thought struck my mind that hey maybe I can upload videos too? Turned on mywebcam, started randomly talking to it, about my school, and just hit the ‘upload’ button. The
video is still on youtube as i dont do rememer the email address from which i uploaded thevideo

That’s how the journey started.

Fast forward to 3rd April 2015, when my teacher introduced me to a Short film making interschool competition, knowing that I had a firm interest in that field, I participated in thecompetition and ranked 3rd in it. It was pretty amusing for me too. Maybe that was the pointthe bell rang and I had it in my mind that’s what I really wanna do.

Till now I was savvy about the field and made couples of more short films and uploaded on the versatility platform, YouTube. I never was an introvert, so I didn’t lack confidence and that’s when I decided to make aYoutube channel, maybe lured by the fact that you can ”earn money” from it. It was a Techchannel of course because it was in trend and was the easiest to make videos on. Then I shifted to lifestyle Vlogging, influenced by many of the shining creators. Few months down the line I realised that people were not much interested in my life maybe because I didn’t
have anything to flex about. Got introduced to travel vlogging.

How I got “paid to travel”

Me being a delhi boy, always wanted to earn money at a young age and be self dependent,drunken by this fact I started researching about this particular thing and listened to tons of podcasts I got to know that you can ”get paid to travel”. At that time there was a boom in socialmedia and the best sourse of advertisement for the brands was through social media. The
competition was cutthroat for but what wasn’t common was videographic advertisement as Ihad a firm grip and enough interest in that So seized the opportunity of turning passion into profession, that’s how Pentagon Motion Pictures was established.

How I Discovered A New Field For Myself

As I was into social media a lot, I used to visit many website to find a business from it, I saw carsadvertisement on various websites which were not very professional for the big car dealers too. As there is no difference between the common man selling his car and a big dealer doing that
too,tought why not just contact them and provide them the “professionalism” they needed to sell product. To make it differ from the common ads. I offered them a professional looking video
that inlcudes all the requiered details of the product

Challenges I faced & how I handled every situation

At the same time, my parents wanted me to opt for engineering, which I had zero interest in,but being the elder son I had to meet my parents’ desire. So it has never been easy for me totake both side to side. Not being arrogant, but I’m a self taught person, did everything on myown. Besides, I didn’t have goood resources, the rendering would take hours and such struggles.

Things that kept me going

The thing that kept me going was the belief ”that no matter how difficult the situation is, if you keep putting efforts even when the world is against you, it’ll all start falling into place at some point”. Eversince, people around me were job oriented but i never wanted to do a 9 to 5 job, always had that business mentality. As I always wanted to turn my passion into profession, this is what it seems like to be happening

Present situation

Pentagon motion pictures has made 30 to 40 commercials till date. We’ve given our services to clients from different states including Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Pune and Bangalore.

Advice or suggestion I want to give to my readers

The advice i want to give my readers is ” You are the one who sets your own value” & The most important thing is ” Learn to say NO to people”.
People say as you are doing a startup just do everything for the finances, But i suggest you not to follow that, Maybe this will help you for a time being. But this might turn into a bad decision in terms of future perspective.

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