EKLAVYA RISHI is an young Indian Icon and Entrepreneur, founder of botany bar.

Founder details in brief – Having his background in Biochemistry, Eklavya Rishi wanted to come up with B2C products specially that could be an answer to the daily issues of the people with respect to skincare. So we diverted from the conventional way of getting into beauty line and focused on therapeutic aspects that one can enjoy in a skin product specially made out of pure natural resources.

Company details in brief – Botany Bar is an optimum cosmeceutical brand that produces products that are thoughtfully conceptualised and formulated using ingredients from natural sources under the new age technology. There are two products namely, Skin Oil and Papaya Skin Gel. The Skin Oil is a one-stop solution for skin moisturising, uneven skin tone, dry and ageist skin and protection of skin from environmental effluents. It is also used as a night serum, primer (for women) and aftershave (for men).
The Papaya Skin Gel is manufactured using fresh fermented papaya fruit with goodness of petroleum jelly and vitamins. It works effectively on minor scars, cuts, rashes and burns, cracked heels and lips, prevents skin chafing, happy rash and helps best to regenerate skin cells. A complete skin repair solution and the most effective winter skincare buddy.

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