One has to understand that greatness is not achieved without failure. As dreams don’t turn into reality without encountering a dozen failures on the way. But only the one who has a dream and who wants it so bad that he can leave everything to have it.

Faraz Ahmed a self made young Enterpreneur – CEO and Founder of Delta Store (Deltastore.in)

Journey –

When he was 15, Faraz Ahmed began his entrepreneurial journey. He sold personalised hoodies back in 10th grade at his school. He founded his startup deltastore.in after completing his 12th std in 2020. He had saved Rs. 6000 from his other small enterprises that he did when he was studying at school. With the help of one of his school seniors, who helped him create the website, he launched his e-commerce website. Faraz Ahmed is currently running his start-up and also pursuing his computer science engineering degree.

About Delta Store –

Delta Store is an ecommerce website that offers consumer electronics merchandise, where luxury brands such as realme, Mi and oneplus are available at a price cheaper than all other e-commerce sites for electronic devices such as earphones, speakers etc. Delta Store buys these products directly from the distributers of these brands and sells them with low profit margins.

DeltaStore.in is the location for all your electronics needs. DeltaStore in has you covered, whether it is headphones, earphones, or fitness bands, whatever you like, Aside from marketing premium brand goods at prices lower than anywhere else (with free delivery & warranty), DeltaStore.in also has its own range of electronics that offer you the most value for your money. Delta Store has seen a growth of more than 100% in revenue from the past three months.

Ideas might be the most commonly encountered of entities for the mind but entrepreneurship does not come as easy to all, A clear vision and an even clearer focus are the most important elements that can make successful entrepreneurs out of starry eyed dreamers.

website link- https://www.deltastore.in/

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