🔸Veshal Jogglekar is an young Indian Icon and Entrepreneur from the beautiful city Mumbai.

🔹Veshal Jogglekar is an founder of – Sri Vanadhenu Enterprises Llp is a Limited Liability Partnership firm incorporated on 06 August 2019.


Veshal Jogglekar, born in Mumbai on 8 November 1983, graduated from Mumbai University along with Masters in Management. Having problems with deafness and voice comprehension, because of which he faced a lot of communication difficulties. Being deaf has its challenges, but it should not deter you from your dream. In business, he has a burning desire to make his mark.

He began his Business Journey with his friends in September 2018, they decided to prepare Fresh and Pure Ghee from Desi Cows’ Milk, but it was a disappointment for that first start-up. Post that he began on his own again on January 1, 2019. He was linked up at the time with a farmer he knew from Hyderabad. It so happens that he did successful advertising and promotions in his 1st relationship, but the company partnership stopped.

Post that people were still approaching him to buy Ghee, so he began to divert them to that farmer, then that time he got the idea of focusing on Ghee marketing and sales and promotion, so he started through this farmer selling Ghee, and today he sells Cow Ghee, Nasya Ghee, Soft Toys and Spices. He had tied up with his mates who are living in different parts of Bharat eg. Delhi, Mumbai, Beed, Hyderabad, Gujarat, and Vrindavan. And that’s how Sri Vanadhenu Enterprises LLP laid its initial stone

And since then Veshal has Patiently developed and expanded the Business, and He got a total Revenue turnover of Rs.2,70,000 witnin 2 years of Business.

Since then Veshal has Patiently developed and Expanded the Business. And he even has an Ambitious goal of scaling his business to ₹1000 Crore Turnover or even more.

The myth that deaf people are not equipped or suitable to start their businesses have been debunked. Vishal is the living proof that a deaf entrepreneur can succeed as a business owner.

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