Shahreyar Hasan (Also known as Sharry) is an young Indian Icon and Entrepreneur from the beautiful city Motihari, Bihar, India

Occupation: Singer / Song Writer / Actor / Music Composer / Poet / Stage performer / Model

Passion: It all started from all the romanticism spreaded by Atif Aslam’s Tracks.

I always wanted to sing, So I kept it inside about the thing “One Day” “Some Day”.
From bathrooms to schools Auditorium and from bihar to coming and shifting in delhi in 2012, i only wanted to sing, and i did and when i was in 9th Standard in 2015 i officially created a Band, “TEAM MOH” and by the grace of god i hit the ground as hard as i can and by the end of the year I got a chance to perfom on Platfrom Stage, ‘Jamia Auditorium’ facing thousands of the people and i performed very well and in 2015 i Joined my vocal class for classical Music from My Respected Guru’ Shri’ Paras Mani Chaudhry and from him, it is who i am, his learning includes not just versions of Music but the circle of llife as well.

So, then i started my career and start performing with my band at many great places like select city walk , great indian palace and many more.

⚜️ Also then I released my first official song: My first single in 2016 (sunn mere dil) this song is was Soo Loved by the people & after that My second single (mere ashq) in 2018 and this one is also Take place in heart of people , And this helped me showing as well as expressing my work, art & guidance.

i was doing very well and it was all going in a right flow .. then all of a sudden there comes a phase in your life that breaks you down and so it did Something happened to me upredictible.

Even the band “TEAM MOH” left with nothing and due to some issues this was the first breakdown and that time I was going through very tough time of my life , and things started getting worse i left every thing behind and for almost two years i never looked behind and so for these two years i was doing nothing and all i was focousing on my study so that i can clear for my MBBS and then later on there are few peoples who started poking me around then it reminds me of my guru and his words ( this isnt an easy task there will surely be the time come when you will think that its the end but its not these obsticles are just the stairs towards the success. And then after 2 years I am back and did a collaboration with “KalakarKavi” Ashu Khan for my next single (Khwab). and also in those two years i was usually writing quotes poetry and lyrics writing because they actually are the vents for my thoughts and things that i have been going through. and by the time I got to know about “Ecnaline & so i got sponsored and a signed for commercials by Ecnaline and also few of my writups got slected for the position for an anthology book ( It’s All About You And Me ) and it got published and many more books going to publish very soon. and I released My 3 Own Composed Singles And worked In Many other Music videos as an actor and Also Done Many Commercial Add shoots like boat Head set , and parachute Like brands and many more to come. now I am working with many Big artist and going to release Some Great stuffs with them really soon. and also working On my single New Tracks and Albums And they are on the way to hitt Your playlist soon.

So, there poke has given me a spark and again by the grace of the god and by the support from my family and true friends i stepped into what i left behind these two years caused many things but then you have and need to overcome from what ever you are going through in your life ,, And What ever you are going through Doesn’t matter and never let anything destroy your dreams And your goals in the end the only thing matter How much you have worked for your dreams,, how much you have worked for making proud yourself,,How much you have worked For Your Success …so stay tuned And Work Hard.

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