Ms. Payal is an educator with a rich experience of working with different age groups of children. This has helped her come up with fresh perspectives in her sessions which are power packed with high levels of energy, making it interactive for her students. She has a flair in explaining the most complex things with simplicity for easy understanding. She is extremely passionate about her work.

Payal is an excellent story teller, a confident communicator, a certified NLP
practitioner and curriculum designer. She is passionate about transforming the younger minds and guiding them in designing their thinking. Payal has spent over ten years in the education industry and is the founder at Thought Box Education.

She trains young children and students in Personality Development, Grooming and Etiquettes, YoungLeadership, Public Speaking, Social Skills, Effective Communication, Managing Anger, Understanding and Dealing with Emotions, Confidence Building, Effective Problem Solving, Decision Making, Vision Board, Goal Setting and Creative Thinking. She also trains teachers in Classroom Effectiveness and guides parents in Mindful Parenting.

Her empathetic quality has helped her understand the needs of her students making her sessions more engaging, interesting and meaningful with practical learnings, games, debates and discussions, role plays
and fun activities.

Payal considers her prime focus as a teacher in Life Skills which is incorporated with rich learning experience as she believes “Children should be equipped to deal with life situations effectively in order
to become the best version of themselves”. Her sessions are thought provoking, activity based, practical and productive, leaving her students desiring for more.

She has a thirst for knowledge and believes in enhancing her skills constantly which makes her sessions well updated in line with the flowing trends.

Payal is a graduate in Bachelor of Arts and is a certified Early Childhood Care teacher. She has an experience of working with reputed schools in Mumbai and Exeter, United Kingdom. She has completed her course in Outdoor Learning from Forest School Education, UK. She is a passionate teacher.

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