Dr. Glossy Sabharwal MD – The Emerging Icon

Dr Glossy Sabharwal :

A passionate doctor , A compassionate wife and An attentive mother is what describes Dr. Glossy Sabharwal perfectly. Becoming a Doctor was completely driven by her zeal of giving back to the society at large. Her Meticulous and diligent approach to life helped her creating a path for herself in the field of healthcare where she specialises in Women Health. With a strong conviction in the concept of “Proactive Health” she has dedicated her last 10 years with a focus on preventing the disease before it happens. She is the executive member of the Society of foetal medicine , India and was recently Honoured by the Indian Medical Association for her selfless work during Covid 19 Pandemic.

She also runs a health initiative for needy children taking care of their health essentials throughout the year (WISHFORKIDS)

She currently heads and serves as Director of Radiology at Apollo Spectra Hospital, Jeewan Mala Hospital and WISH women health clinic.



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