Disha Shivnani – A Young Indian Entrepreneur

Meet Disha Shivnani, 19 yr old from Gujarat. She is a Law student, content writer, blogger and professional affiliate marketer.

At a very young age, she always wanted to be financially independent and make her parents proud.

She studied commerce and now pursuing graduation in law from Navrachana University. Being an optimist person she has a very clear vision towards life but the only challenge which she was facing is of choosing the right path and a trustworthy platform to prove herself but one day when she was scrolling her social media she got to know about one affiliate marketing program and platform which is known as bizgurukul.

In the beginning, she was not confident to go ahead with the same but later she worked on her skills of content writing, blogging and social media marketing after that she started with the same platform and earned more than lakhs.

Being a law student she also started writing blogs on law and society. At the beginning of affiliate marketing, she was facing some problems like time management and all but after some time she learnt new skills and implemented them successfully gradually she started earning a good amount and also mentoring 60+ other marketers as well.

She never wasted her earned money on buying luxury things she always thing to invest and multiply her earnings. Disha also doing some non profitable works like giving tuition to poor children and providing food to them.

You can achieve anything in your life if you work consistently and dedicatedly. Everything is possible if you have the right mindset. Stay positive and never stop striving to reach your goals, believe in yourself and never forget why you started


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