Disha Bhattacharya – A Young Indian Emerging Icon

Meet Disha Bhattacharya, ambitious girl, from a very basic background and very humble and down earth by nature.
She is self-made 6 figure earner. Disha is a perfect example of someone who doesn’t give up and never runs away from problems.

She has been a fighter, right from the beginning. She’s a figure of inspiration to many young girls and women who dream of financial freedom and independence. She does tourism business and a garment business in partnership, respectively.

She’s also into digital marketing industry and she has generated over eight lacks of income in a very short span of time, all by herself. Her journey is more amazing because she was earlier into a nine to five job. And no one in her family was ever associated with business. It was me who asked me when no one did she strongly believed you don’t need anyone to become successful.

You just need yourself. The universe falls in love with a stubborn heart. She at present is mentoring many young students, full-time employees and homemakers on how to take the first step towards financial independence and freedom.

You just need a inner spark to where you want to be, it doesn’t matter what kind of backing you have and it doesn’t matter if u belong to financial Rich background. If you have a dream and are passionately dedicated towards it, you will make it some day for sure.


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  1. Hlo sis please help me make some money because im really in need to help my mother getting out of every financial crisis we’re facing.

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