Dhaara K Goenka

Creative Head – Dhara Goenka Label 

Dwindling my thumb and getting nowhere had become my thing. All I did was get confused as days passed by, these were my late teens.

College days were nearing completion and I had to make a decision in further education. Nothing excited me more than threads and needles. One would run away at the thought of a needle right? Well, not me. 

Deep in my core I knew that fashion has my heart. This passion of mine straight away took me to MILAN – the capital of Italian and international fashion. I was the FIRST Indian student to get an entry into the prestigious NABA University, Milan – Italy. 

I would love to share this rich fashion know-how gained over the years and my own personal experience, with each one of you here. 

Are you with me? Say YES. 

Let’s get fashionable “TOGETHER
Since my early childhood, I was fascinated towards art and creativity. I was always the one who wanted to take part in drawing and painting competition, and was always encouraged for the same. I have been awarded many certificates in the field of creativity.
I was 16 were I discovered my passion for fashion, I was always addressed as “Style Icon” by people around, Like every other girl I also liked dressing up. I was very choosy about my clothing, and hence wanted to look out of box. It was then my career in Fashion Design began and
I graduated from FASHION CAPITAL OF WORLD” and my journey with fashion shall always continue. This encouraged me to explore fascinating  world of fashion. 

I own brand Dhara Goenka Label, I am inspired by fashion being a part of everyone’s story and take pride in being the storyteller – I DESIGN.
Not only this but side by side  I also gained experience as a salaried— 

  • I have worked for “Stitchmyfit” an online designer boutique — Mumbai 
  • I have worked as fashion  faculty for  “ Mumbai Fashion Academy ’’  — Mumbai 

    I have worked  as celebrity personal wardrobe designer for Gurpreetkaur Chadda, Arpita Bansal and Basannt R Rasiwasia.

Apart from running a successful brand I also work as freelancers in following fields — 

  • Fashion Stylist, 
  • Personal Wardrobe Designer , 
  • Fashion Faculty,
  • Fashion Entrepreneur    
  • Fashion Coach 
  • Fashion Career Consular 
  • Fashion Icon 
  • Shoe and Bag Designer 
  • Fitness Transformer 
  • Speaker 
  • @dhaarakgoenka @dharagoenkalabel

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