“To, get to the top you must start from the bottom.”

Meet, from Mumbai Maharastra, The Founder and CEO of Lazzetti, Mr. Devanshu Asthana, who started his food venture with a small stall and has now become a brand with franchise outlets in Pune, Surat and Kanpur cities.


Mr. Devanshu Asthana has completed his Engineering from Pune University. When he was in the final year of his college, he thought of doing something which was out of the box for the engineering fraternity. He decided to start a startup of his own, in food industry and dropped out the plan of doing 9-5 job. There were many job opportunities available in front of him but he was firm on his goal.

Firstly he started surveying the streets in Pune for different food items running in the town. After surveying he found out that Shawarma is something which is not common here. So Shawarma was the USP of his bussiness.

Initially, things were very complicated and tuff for him. He started with a small shawarma stall in Balewadi, Pune. The investment for the stall came from his last year’s college fees, about which his parents were unaware. He then took the help of his friend Pranav who knew the localities in that area. The first day was a very challenging one as the police and the municipality people did not allow them to start the stall. Many times the same issue was faced by them. But all this did not stop him to head towards his goal. In the initial days itself he started getting amazing response from the people.

If intentions are right then no one can stop you from becoming successful in life. Later on he got an opportunity of starting a food truck and that was the turning point for him. His sales started increasing and he was getting wonderful responses from the customers.

Finally after sometime they shifted to a shop and he added tandoori momo to his menu which again was a gamechanger for him as it was super yumm!!

Since, their menu seem aligned now they started giving franchises and their customer started converting into their franchise owners.They have opened around 12 outlets in different different locations in Pune and some of their outlets are in Surat, Mumbai and Kanpur as well.

Talking about their future plans, they have already started expanding nationwide and are planning to expand worlwide.

For Franchise and buisness enquiry, you can connect with them on given contact details-
Investors are most welcome
Email – 9021931003

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