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“If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.”

Meet Chitkala Mulye a certified NLP and REBT life-relationship coach, sexual wellness coach, author and poet, Chitkala helps clients find happiness amidst imperfections by leading change and developing the skills needed for success in relationship.

“Beyond a Love Story” author Chitkala Mulye shares her literary journey on experiencing emotions to understand life and re-discovering yourself. In keeping with her mission, she conducts one-on-one sessions, group coaching sessions, webinars and workshops. Moreover, she is an NLP practitioner, who strongly believes the power of story telling as a medium for transformation. In essence, her passion is to spread her philosophy of life, happiness and love through fiction.

Her well-known story ‘Beyond a Love Story’, is a story of a gay boy and a straight girl that explores a concept of a family system that transcends sexuality. Her work has been featured in prestigious Indian magazines and newspapers and on international platforms too. Her short film ‘Being Human’, a story and screenplay based on a lonely widow and beastility, was screened at Cannes Festival France (2018).

Chitkala was a panelist for ‘Kill your insecurities’ nation wide campaign initiated by Snehaazz a fassion designer in Silliguri. She serves on the advisory board for IPHER, an institute that offers medical and paramedical graduates courses. She also regularly delivers webinars for students studying courses related to sexual and mental health.

Despite her strong and confident personality, you will see that she has a struggle story to tell-
“Growing up, I struggled with a weak and naive personality, as well as a deep inferiority complex, confidence issues, and bullying at school. Then in college, I encountered ups & downs, and later in my marriage, faced typical challenges.

Since I am an emotionally sensitive person, I felt broken when I struggled with some rough patches in my life, but was determined to become stronger one day. Through my exploration of human psychology, I learnt many nuances about people. My horizons were widened and my ability to grow and learn from pain was heightened.

When I was four months pregnant, I lost my father. My strong determination to have a smiling child pushed me to become the strong person I always hoped to be.The lesson of learning to be happy. Despite my circumstances was a turning point that motivated me to help people and spread happiness.

On this journey, I realized I had to first be the change in order to change the people and situations around me.”

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