Bhavin Prajapati
Founder and CEO @art_window_filmcity
Bhavin, 29 from Gujrat completed his graduation in MBA from Ahemdabad. After completed his study Bhavin has decided to start something of his own he started his first company but unfortunately, the startup was completely failed then again he started another startup of marketing but somehow it also not met the bar. After failing in the previous two startups he was not in a condition to start something new.

After sometime he again came up with an idea to open his own studio with a help of family support. Since, Bhavin was having a artistic family background he always got a good support from family to start his own studio. His intention to start @art_window_filmcity was very clear because in Gujrat there were only few studios who were charging very huge amounts for personal shoots and covering the events, then he decided to provide good services in a very reasonable to price to cover all kind of customers. His platform was just 1 year old during pendamic he decided and executed his idea in a very good manner. After serving many clients he got a remarkable appreciation in this industry.

Bhavin is also helping small businesses who were having a bad impact due to pandemics to grow online and reach the targeted audience through his 4-year experience in digital marketing and all over 9 years of business experience.
When I started a journey as an entrepreneur, I just follow my two Quotes,
1. Start Now.
2. Trust Your Crazy Idea.

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