B.M. balakrishna entrepreneur founder & ceo of aquapot RO technologies

Meet B. M. Balakrishna the entrepreneur who started as a car washer and now owns a 50 crore company

Founder & CEO of the Aquapot RO Technologies – a company he establishedin 2001to provide technologically advanced solutions for water treatment.

His success story is quite fascinating and inspiring. A ‘Car Washer’ turned business magnate, he worked relentlessly in all ventures he initiated and passionately nurtured it. His small venture has become a leading name in RO water business in India with market revenue of over INR 500 Million.

He had an earnest interest in evolving technology and working in this filed for almost 15 years researching and creating intelligent solutions. His business acumen combined with smart marketing and people management skill attracted bright and creative minds to his company. He is extremely focused with the business mantra of consistent performance and utmost commitment towards customers that has earned him the laurels and invincible success.

Being the eldest child in the family with limited resources, he started doing odd jobs while studying to support his education and follow his interest in automobile when he completed a diploma in automobile engineering. His journey of an entrepreneur began when water borne diseases started affecting health of people that eventually prompted him to discover the water treatment solutions to provide clean drinking water facilities.

He succeeded in creating a formidable brand and providing livelihood to more than 200 families. His area of business which was limited to Hyderabad initially has now spread in south Indian states with strategic plans to extend it across the country before going international. For his valuable contributions towards providing clean drinking water to people, he has been bestowed with a number of awards and recognitions including being the youngest winner of Asia’s Greatest Leaders Award.

He has been blessed with extraordinary business acumen and his works towards creating a sustainable difference in water treatment market has earned him valuable recognitions and awards. In fact he was the youngest winner to receive the coveted Asia’s Greatest Leaders Award. Some of the recent appreciation and awards are: 

  • Asia’s Greatest Leaders Award by Asia One     
  • Water Digest Award as Blue Crusaders
  • Dare to Dream Award by Zee Business
  • Amazing Entrepreneur Award by the Weekend Leader VIT
  • India Water Leaders Award

Also invited as a guest speaker

  •  JOSH TALKS TELUGU ( youtube )
  •  ZEE BUSINESS (TV show)
  •  CII – INDIA

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