Aryan Deshpande – A Young Indian Entrepreneur

“Jugaad” is the mother of necessity.
When you need inspiration for your next innovation or simply advice about where to source for stock, there’s no better place to look than your own garage!

Aryan Deshpande, a young entrepreneur from Mumbai, asks: “What happens when you need funding to fuel your entrepreneurial dreams? It is difficult for quality startups to access early-stage funding.
It’s not easy to find an angel investor with deep pockets or an investor at all. Limited funding means limited opportunities. This is why Business Mart was born.”

The Business Mart app brings entrepreneurs and investors together on one platform so businesses can list their goods and services so that investors looking for investment opportunities can make informed decisions about which products and services they should invest in and how much they should charge for them too!

They even allow the buying and selling of businesses.

Instagram: Mr. Aryan Despande

Business Mart:-

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