Arpit Goyal ( @arrpiitgoyall )
Co-Founder of The Brainy Fools I Arsa I Enavya.

Board of Directors in RLHC
Arpit Goyal is a serial entrepreneur with a background in the design, media, and technology industries. An experienced business development expert with a background in Film Direction and Production. He began his journey in 2012, shortly after graduating from media college.
His first venture Arsa is a 360° creative digital media organization that unifies Talent Management, Video Production, Social Media Management, and Influencer Marketing under one roof. Conceptualized by Arpit Goyal, Arsa is an ensemble set of young creators who specialize in all things digital.

Imagine waking up to a job that lifts you and transports you to a different world. A world populated with a billion heartfelt feelings and stories etched ceremoniously in magic, love, and joie de vivre. This is our world. The Brainy Fools is a pioneer in entertaining web content and supporting women’s empowerment.

His latest venture Enavya is India’s finest Luxury Handicraft-based Online Store. Impacting artisans all around India.

The aim in the next 5 years is to make Enavya public and connect rural artisans and India’s traditions, culture, and art to all parts of the world.

“I’ve been blessed in that I’ve had the opportunity to experience numerous lives in one. And it is through all of these experiences that I believe I have now arrived at a place where I believe I belong.”


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