Anushree Sanganeria Mimani

Anushree Sanganeria Mimani, Founder of The Pure Nest.

Dream big and remember that the wilder your idea, the more successful your business will be because you will work extra hard to make that dream a reality, advises Anushree Sanganeria, who is a sincere, royal, and a modern woman.

When she was a brand consultant with PR in a marketing firm, she set out to launch the show, and later worked to establish her own marketing venture called “Dream Out Loud.” Anushree was married when she decided to start her own business.

Her company, Dream Out Loud, would assist in the promotion of other brands in the fashion and lifestyle industries. So, she continued to gain experience and set out to launch her own brand, “The Pure Nest.”

She founded her company, “Nuske Care,” with the help of her family and had a capital of 50,000 rupees.

Nuske was started after the lockdown last year in September 2020 . She always wanted to explore and do something with age old remedies since she have always used handmade infused oils , packs , scrubs , ubtans all my life .

She started posting on the Nuske Instagram page in July 2020 . Posted few Nuskes for hair and skin and got an amazing response . People were trying her Nuskas and sending reviews .

She was also working on product development along side because as overwhelming as the reviews were for these Nuskas , each and every message had one similar line – “I would love to try these every week but don’t have the patience to make it everytime.”

She is soon to launch her website and plans to launch cosmetics. Anushree is also currently working on how to formulate safe and chemical-free lip cheek tints and kajal.

She will soon introduce homemade hair conditioners and moisturisers, as well as a new shampoo called the Coconut Avocado and a Beetroot Hair Pack

DM @nuskecare with any product or business-related questions.

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