Anshu Malika Roja Selvamani a young Indian Emerging Icon

A 17-year-old young Indian Icon, Anshu Malika Roja Selvamani, who hopes to live a simple life and to reach her highest goals through obedience and diligence, she believes everything can be achieved with perseverance and hard work. At such a young age, she has already proven herself. She has accomplished a lot at this age.

Her accomplishments range from functioning a craft association to driving a NGO with an enormous vision. She stands out as a strong young lady. She has accumulated numerous honors. She recently won “Best Social Worker of The Year 2021” presented by Awards Arc. Her dedication to society and sacrificial work earned her this honor. Her journey in friendly exercises is both moving and inspiring.

In consideration of the youth of the age, she decided to target her work at the present and the future. As she is significantly outweighing her educational activities with her social functions, she is doing so admirably.

It is amazing to watch her accomplish so much and fill her pack at a significant young age. She really deserves the Most Deserving Award for the Best Social Worker of 2021.

By sheer dedication and hard work, Anshu has proven that we can improve society and achieve so much simultaneously.


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