Ankita Chaudhary – A Young Indian Entrepreneur

Meet Ankita Chaudhary a young Indian Entrepreneur, COO at Power Gummies.

In the past 3 years of her journey as COO at Power Gummies, she has sought to make a difference every day. She knows how to make a difference by gauging what to do in advance, strategizing with a functional analysis based on market trends, rather than trying out marketing gimmicks. Consequently, she is responsible for e-commerce expansion, product availability, marketing strategy, and product launches.

The business grew by using influencer marketing as its core strategy to incline the consumer’s interest towards hair nutrition and to run its digital sales to a 2.35 cr gross sales in March 2021 through pandemic. They have established an offline presence through the clusters of Guardian Pharmacy, Modern Bazaar and international expansion in the UAE and other South Asian countries. Engage in consecutive fundraising and another bridge round in 2021 with collaborative executive leadership.

Ankita hasn’t arrived at expertise overnight in the nutraceutical industry, but she’s peddled and excelled to meet challenges at various stages throughout the business, from introducing our first variant to creating a loyal following for Power Gummies emerging as theas #1 Bestseller on Amazon in the gummy vitamin category and 3rd bestseller across categories on Amazon launchpad, selling 30,00,000+ gummies, managing digital operations, setting up end to end ecommerce mechanisms with best customer ratings of 3.9 on Amazon, 4.0 on Nykaa, and above 4.5 on their website , strategizing marketing initiatives, new product research and development and creating a loyalist community of 246K+ followers on Instagram.

It is the collective team’s hard work and productive directions that have led to recognition as the Top Startup to Watch in 2020, by INC42, and Best Innovative Nutrition Product 2020, by Forbes, India.

Ankita Says “I believe one just needs to follow their passion and meanwhile they are exploring what it is, finding a mere reason to be existing on earth is of utmost importance. Find your reason every day to be successful, healthy, loved and happy.”

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