Ankit Sharma – A Young Indian Entrepreneur, lawyer & justice expert

Ankit Sharma is a Young Indian Entrepreneur and Lawyer who specialises in criminal defence, divorce/resolution, and RERA cases in Gurgaon, India.

Until he learned and acquired the power of knowledge, this lawyer was just a common man.
As a kid, he dreamt of passing the competitive exams. The nerd in him guided him along the way. He tried and tried until he succeeded, but it didn’t work. His aspiration was always to see the bright side of the light. Thus, he tried hard to acquire the UPSC, but was unable to do so. However, it did not matter in the long run.

Having a fatherless family is a challenge but who can blame the guy for taking the easy road anyway? Sailing forward is not easy, but with the faith in his energy, he keeps going. As an individual from as early as his youth, he chose to generate his own income through independent means. He had an affluent family to support him but he was, as he puts it, self-made without a Godfather.

After passing graduation with a B.SC in Mathematics, it brought him pleasure, but after that, on a rollercoaster, he made a 360 degree turn and decided to become someone who could give back a bag full and in return return all the goodness to society. He applied for the LLB course and opted for the most noble profession of being a lawyer. Today, he is successfully repression himself in the society as a lawyer, striving to deliver the most in his field.

Since then, he’s been practicing criminal law, RERA, and Matrimonial law both. In the mean time, he found somebody who could totally fit right in his uncovered room, and since then, things have been going well.

From all his years of life, he has learned one thing: everything comes with its perfect time, and you must employ patience and perseverance to let it happen. If I could, you can too.

For contacting Ankit Sharma ( @sharma_ankit91) –
His insta id – @lawyerankitsharma

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