Ankit Jain Founder & CTO of Vidhyda Skill School

“The journey from a highest paying Software Engineer to Entrepreneur who is now solving the major unemployment problem and changing others life”

Ankit was doing well in his IT job and always wanted to work on challenging projects. As a result, He began attending hackathons to satisfy his interest, and He has already participated in 39 hackathons, winning 17 of them on a national level. He got a lot of offers from amazing firms during hackathons. Also, He got the offer from MICROSOFT but he decided to drop the offer, it was quite difficult for him but God was having some other plans for him.

When he was a youngster, he used to see how individuals would leave well-paying careers and start something from scratch, either with their own money or with the help of friends and family.

When Ankit saw and experienced Sachin Bansal & Binny Bansal initiative Flipkart for himself, and saw how others are utilizing it to revolutionize the way people purchase, he was so motivated. Especially with the cash-on-delivery option. But he had no idea how they could accomplish it.

– How did they do it after quitting their well-paying jobs?
– How did their friends and family help them
– How did they have confidence in themselves?

He had a lot of questions in his thoughts about something similar. But today, when he felt and performed the same with his startup Vidhya Skill School, where they are filling the gaps of skills & making people job-ready, he was able to connect all the dots. He did it because he wanted to.

Since “Pehle logo ki help karne ke liye shuru kiya tha, ab maza aane laga hai”

All this started, when his LTI – Larsen & Toubro Infotech Manager Ratnajit Vichare, PMP, CSM recommended him to try something post his departure from the org.

He began this not for the money, but self-satisfaction, and He’s always considered it a part of his life since money is needed to run any venture but it’s secondary. Because #Vidhya was his grandfather’s name, and this company is named after him.

Later Ankit’s family surprised him with a startup shower, where they gathered over 100 relatives to offer him their blessings for his business. It was one of the most beautiful & amazing day of his life.

Their Cohort-6th Batch application is now available, and They are preparing industry-ready software developers in only 16 week.

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