Anjali Sharma – A Young Indian Emerging Icon

18-year-old Anjali Sharma is a student at Rosary College of Arts and Commerce in Navelim, Goa, pursuing her second year in Bcom.

Her birthplace was Panchgani, but she grew up in Goa. From the moment she could walk she wanted to become a dancer since it was her passion.

At the age of 13 (8th standard) and continuing up to the age of 17 (12th standard) she started taking tuitions and dance class to support her family because of her father’s illness and family problems. She aimed high but din have the correct path to reach her destination. The actual start of her career was when she was 17 during the pandemic, when she came across a digital platform where she could earn a decent amount while learning. Although she had no idea how this worked, her learning attitude got her to where she is now. In 9 active months, she earned 1.8 million dollars (10 lakhs+) from social media. She also mentors 1000+ people and helps them grow with her. She works for a company called bizgurukul, which provides e-learning courses on entrepreneurship, career, and business development.

As part of her earnings through Bizgurukul, she also achieved fully sponsored national and international trips. She attended the BBM (bizgurukul birthday meet) and got to meet the CEO, co-founder and other trainers of Bizgurukul during this trip. She was featured twice on the bizgurukul YouTube channel and their instagram account. The stronger the why, the more easily it is to understand the how. In her early career she had to endure a lot of criticism on social media. Her mates also gave her a lot of negativity, but that’s what made her stronger.

You can achieve anything in your life if you work consistently and dedicatedly. Everything is possible if you have the right mindset. Stay positive and never stop striving to reach your goals, believe in yourself and never forget why you started.

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