My name is Amrita Vaswani  and I am the owner of Bdiapers , Indias only healthy disposable diaper , and a mom of 2 little boys! Bdiapers is a labour of love started by me, a passionate proponent of natural parenting. Having a child prone to rashes with commercial disposables, I was constantly looking for a rash free, leak proof diapering solution that did not break the bank. I was tired of the constant washing of cloth diapers and the organic diapers were too expensive for regular use. It was then that I started to work on a design of a diaper that was affordable, healthy, eco-friendly and convenient at the same time. 

Before Bdiapers I have spent 9 years in core consumer marketing roles with Colgate Palmolive ( Sydney) , Microsoft ( Seattle) and American Express ( Gurgaon) after completing my MBA from UNSW ( Sydney, Australia ) 


  • BDiapers is a healthy and rash free diaper that does not break the bank! We bring you the hygiene and health of cloth, with the convenience of disposables in a product that is affordable, eco-friendly, trendy and healthy . Our nappypads are naturally antibacterial and keep the baby rash free. The covers are made from soft cotton that allows the flow of air preventing the growth of bacteria. Designed by a mom, these diapers work in a patented two-part pouch system that separates the “cloth” from the “diaper”. These are the closest to a disposable diaper (but not really!). 
  • Bdiapers also has several unique and eco friendly accessories to complete your healthy diapering journey. Whether it is our roll-on organic rash balm (a daily skin nourishing balm), the SafetyB Silicone Diaper fastener ( now freedom from the dangers of metal pin pokes on you or your baby)  , or the Organic Rash Spray ( a eco-friendly healthy alternative to disposable wipes) ; all our products are original and designed to make a busy moms life healthy, eco-friendly and convenient.
  • Bdiapers believes in the wisdom of past generations in raising healthy happy babies. We believe babies need to look cute and trendy, and be safe and healthy at the same time. Which is why we have designed our unique line of healthy diapering solutions that help each and every mother raise her baby with the knowledge of what she believes is the best for herself and her bub.

ducts are available on Amazon, Firstcry, Hopscotch and Flipkart. You can read about us on or you can contact us on our FacebookInsta or for any questions. You can whatsap us on +91 9902981296.

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