Aditya Vohra,
a self-willing entrepreneur following the wise footsteps to build-up, the career inclined as Shades by Aditya Vohra as his up-brought brand name, out of the scenario he’s taken a step ahead from being a commerce field-learning student via study, but more inclined to the creative, that lies inside the mind, and making it worth the glimpse of people’s eyes, for all the love they have for their closest souls they know, and appreciate the one’s ‘ behind the scenes ‘ too, that takes us a step ahead to make our business ore versatile first, worthy for their choices then, and happier enough to steal their heart and emotions at the same time too!
It’s not just the happiness of one person or two, but a family entirely and the people who’ve given time to make it worth the remembrance or re-calls too.
Started my career as a ‘nightlife club’ coverage photographer,
but from the club, I’ve learned that you can actually make people happy by capturing pictures of their candid party mood.
That’s the main reason, why I’m dedicatedly known as a,
‘ Candid Photogragraher ‘ since I’ve started too.
I’ve received a lot of appreciation for my work from clients for shoots for different genres, so I’ve been more concerned about specific fields of shoots as :

1.New-Born & Kids Photography
2. Pre-Wedding Photography
3. Wedding Photography (Cinematic, Candids’ & Traditional Stuff)
4. Maternity Photography
5. Artistic Event Photography
6. Fashion Showcase Photography
7. Portfolios Show-case Photography
as all that matters to me and the team along the most, even if it’s PAN India’s criteria too.

This wasn’t enough for my fill and I wanted to take it up as my full-time job. I talked to my parents about it but sometimes families can’t always be supportive of the idea but I anyways continued my passion.
It was difficult in the beginning because you can only add life to a photograph when you can actually fill your subject with content, but it was difficult at times to communicate with your clients, but what’s the work delivered ‘speaks it all, politely too…’

Now when after doing this passionately, that I did in past years, I could see their mind as parents of clients even change now from saying everything enough to praise my work, but also assigning me likewise assignments to expand the business worthily, and let more people realize to choose the one that’s made for them first.
I believe that if you are passionate enough and do not leave any stone unturned, things will start falling in place.
Just keep a check, on ‘yourself’ first and then work-scale, deliveries, creativity, inclination on the politeness of payments too, and everything that’s needed to make it all, worthwhile.
Life is just like a movie, be a substantial part of it first because,  You’ll get the least chances to be an inspiration for your people, but the hustle must Never STOP.  
Thank You.

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(when it’s needful on your part via.)
Call or WhatsApp: 8319964889
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