Adithi Bohra – A Young Indian Entrepreneur

Founder and CEO of Bubble Hut, Adithi Bohra is a young Indian entrepreneur. You never know where an idea will go when you start it. That was the case with Bubble Hut.

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs and corporate enthusiasts, she decided to launch her boat quite differently, as she had plans to pursue interior design.However, fortunately a change of fate led her to find her passion and start a business of her own, much like her family.

When she was in high school, her mother enrolled her in a soap-making workshop where she learned how to make soaps of various varieties. Then came the idea, now all she needed was the skills and qualifications to establish her business.

She specialized in Marketing Management as part of her degree. Meanwhile, she planned to start her own soap business and to enhance her knowledge and skills, she learned to make soap according to skin problems and customer requirements. Each day, her fascination grew, and she established a small business while dreaming big.

Our goal at Bubble Hut is to promote a healthy lifestyle by reducing the use of harsh chemicals on the skin. We create handcrafted skincare products like soaps, scrub, bath fizzy, and more!

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