Thanks to his mother, Abhimanyu an avid food lover developed his love for food and cooking and started cooking at the young age of 9. Cooking and exploring new places and cuisines, watching cookery shows has always been his passion.

Not a fond of food from regular restaurants and star studded hotels, Abhimanyu is fond of exploring street food and believes that the beauty of India lies in its street food thus tries to showcase the maximum on his instagram page. “The best way to know more about a place is to explore its streetfood”, says Abhimanyu.

Indian food is way way beyond than the butter chicken, Chicken tikkas, rajma chawal and the other world wide popular dishes believes Abhimanyu. He says that whenever he explores a new city, the first thing he does is walk all around the renowned places and simply follow his nose, and try to avoid as much restaurant food as possible and tries to tap the untapped streetfood and food joints of the city. “I used to watch alot of food and cookery shows on TV but the ones that always intrigued me were the food and travel shows.  To name a few, i was always inspired by Kunal Vijaykar from the foodie, Aditya from Chakhle India, Rohan Patoley from  food highway and Vinod Dua from Zaika India ka.. Love how they used to randomly travel from one food joint to another in a city and tap the untapped and least explored places.That inspires me till today and i try to replicate the same in my food journey. Hence the name Ghumakkad Gastronaut”

Having studied in Ireland and staying alone away from home, he mastered his cooking techniques by watching youtube videos and used to cook amazing varieties of food for his room mates which everyone used to love. 

Abhimanyu was always fond of documenting his life hence used to click alot of pictures and record videos of his cooking or wherever he went out to eat, since 2011 using a Blackberry phone then and used to upload on his private FB account and FB food group named Eatlo where in short time, he gained popularity for his cooking and food reviews. Since Instagram was gaining alot of popularity back in the days, Mr. Shah (one of the members of the Eatlo group) suggested Abhimanyu to start an instagram page. So after years of build up for Abhimanyu, “ghumakkad gastronaut” was born in 2015 & Its been 6 years now.. He is also an ex – Restaurateur. He used to run a multi cuisine restaurant back in the days. People often compliment Abhimanyu for his cooking skills  his instagram stories and posts…. 
“I have a crush on the world and I strongly believe that to travel, is to eat local food. I would suggest people who love to travel to new places and eat is to ditch the 5stars, stay, live and eat with the locals. That will open your mind and you’ll be explored to new culture, new people and heritage of our beautiful nation. Ditch the branded Chai and coffee outlets, have the  tapri wali chai and local cuisine. Whenever you visit a new place or a city, dont search restaurants on your regular food delivery apps, just go out there, walk on the streets and explore, who knows you might discover a hidden gem.” 

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