Aaditya Agarwal
director, head creator, and visionary at klassic Industries!

For me, failure is not the end but it’s a way to start yourself again with more energy, confidence, and passion.!

I was always worried that even had a vision of seeing myself as an entrepreneur in coming years after getting drooped from engineering!

I had been working hard after this towards my goal and passion!

but hard works doesn’t pay off everything and doesn’t give u the suitable results u wanted!

have faced various failures and rejection even after working hard and being consistent.

I joined my dad’s’s company’ after getting dropped from engineering at age of 18 and traitrainedin businesses and marketing for 1 year till I was able to design and manage the business alone!

what is klassic Industries?

  • Classic Industries is India’s leading manufacturing company that dealssssss in making and Manufacturing and developing pens and their parts
    we have our clients globally as we manufacture metal pens directly for brands!

A few of our major clients are:

  • Flair group ( India )
  • – Pierre Cardin ( France)
  • Bic cello ( India / Germany)
    we also have a good base in Corporate gifting for various companies where we can supply any kind of stationery products.

we have a whole dedicated team for designing customizing in various ways on any products along ens for our clients which make them feel the ways of innovations and luxury when they use our products!

we also have our entire Manufacturing set-up in the house so our quality and cost price is also very reasonable in comparison to various Manufacturers!

What Is My Role And I Achieved it!

in 2020 started I was given the post of product head where I look after the marketing of product.

I started using my professional knowledge and designed various pens in 3 months which all were rejected or failed the quality test!

my customization ideas were great but it was not able to deliver a good output!

Then covid struck and everything was closed unless I got an idea to regain the business by developing the first-ever sanitizer pen in India!

By using my sources I designed a perfect pen sanitizer which was an essential covid product during covid times which can be used to write as well as sanitize!

The design assign waspleted by may 2020 and somehow we made a dummy before the actual production and somehow the quality test was successful and we got the sample ready!

we regained the permission to run our factories by showing pen sanitizer as an essential product and saved the losses!

By starting with a sale of only 70 pens on amazon I started with online marketing and Corporates marketing s useful essential products for gifting during covid!

it became a huge hit in Corporates within a hs and also on other e-commerce such as India mart where we were getting various b2b contracts and orders and somehow we sold 3L pens in Corporate and export markets

the main things which led to the success were our design, quality craftsmanship, d customization creativity.

My ambition to be an entrepreneur and customize, design something that showcases luxury to commons some memories for me as well with my clients!

This how I enlarged my skill and enhanced a Manufacturing company into a Corporate by designing and customizing 100’s designs. according to client needs creating a different base of Corporates as we manufacture on our own and sell on our own!

our products are always unique and innovative
best to use for Corporates and export with guaranteed quality at affordable prices!

currently, I’m managing the company’s marketing, Corporates and relations being the director as well im purring my graduation as a business marketing student at age of 21!

This year taught me so much and inspired many like me to open their creative minds and do something productive out of it!
we never know what we like and take risks out of everything for the same as life is all about taking risks!

klassic Industries specialties:

  • Manufacturing of metals pens, parts
  • – Corporates giftings of luxury pens!
  • Corporates gift of stationery products!
  • – clip making, the coloring of products, customizing
    as well as rubberizing ( rubber finish only done by us in India over various products)

@klassic.industries @adiiii_12

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